Implant Overdenture

Implant Overdenture

Implant Overdentures are a great way to increase retention and function with traditional dentures. The most basic implant denture is tissue supported toward the back, so there is still some slight movement with the implant denture (locator overdenture) toward the back.

A more advanced solution is a screw-retained implant denture. This option has more stability and retention; it is not removed except by Dr.O'Neal.

Dr. O'Neal will need to do a complete exam and review the necessary X-rays prior to beginning treatment and fabrication of an implant supported overdenture. It is important to know that the treatment for an implant supported overdenture has a number steps and Dr. O'Neal will go over all of those steps with you during your complete exam.

Implants are the foundation for the dental implant prostheses. Removable and fixed (screw-retained) options are available from this implant foundation. Dr. O'Neal will discuss which treatment option is best for your particular case. Placement of 4-5 implants per arch gives greater flexibility of achieving more advanced prostheses in the future if desired.

When extractions are necessary, Dr. O’Neal will recommend a treatment plan for an interim/healing denture prosthesis to be worn during the healing process. This temporary denture will also serve to establish the correct height and bite for the final prostheses.

If more advanced dental prostheses are appropriate, this temporary denture can be converted to a screw-retained to more closely resemble the final screw-retained prostheses. This allows you to evaluate and accept this type of prosthesis before the final fabrication. Many patients find that having a spare denture is very comforting and becomes invaluable if the final prosthesis needs repair.

Making your new smile look and feel as natural as possible is Dr. O'Neal's goal. Dr. O'Neal encourages you to contact him or our friendly dental team if you have any questions about dental implant solutions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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