Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

You can now improve teeth that are badly stained, poorly shaped or crooked with the use of Porcelain Crowns and Veneers. Whether your smile needs a subtle improvement or a more dramatic change, Dr. O'Neal can ‘transform’ your entire smile, creating a more attractive color, shape, and size of teeth in ways other procedures can’t.

Because of the significant effect on your smile, we do a bit more preparation up front. First, Dr. O’Neal will carefully evaluate your specific situation and discuss with you in detail the exact changes you have in mind. Then, Dr. O’Neal and his staff will obtain an impression of your teeth for a “diagnostic wax up.” This will give us a three-dimensional representation that allows you to see your future results prior to performing the actual procedure.

Once you and Dr. O’Neal have agreed on your desired results and a course of treatment, Dr. O’Neal will prepare your teeth for the Porcelain Crowns/Veneers. Dr. O’Neal will then take the final impression of your teeth and send it to a professional dental laboratory. There, an expert dental technician will carefully produce your custom Porcelain Crowns/Veneers.

Once we have received your Porcelain Crowns/Veneers from the lab, Dr. O’Neal will carefully bond them temporarily to test their fit and color. And as soon as you’re both completely happy with their look, feel, and fit, he will permanently affix them to your teeth using special dental cement.